Peyrepertus, Queribus, Castle,
Coillure, boat, tourist, sea, beach,
Cloisters, Elne, St Genis Fontaine
Thuir, Caves Byrrh, biggest wine barrel
Our TOP Spots


Peyrepertuse and Queribus – Amazing.  This is a good 30-40 mins walk up hill.  Not recommended for toddlers who are too heavy to carry or if you don’t have good footwear – sandals and flipflops not recommended!  There are no shops to buy anything at the top so make sure you take lots of water.  The views are like no other.


Rennes le Chateau – If you are into Dan Brown’s Divinci code then this is for you.  Very interesting and if you go via Maury, St Paul and through the gorge it is a gorgeous drive through Cathare countryside.

Figueres – especially the Dali Museum.  Fantastic and designed by Dali.  Figueres has great shops and a very nice playground for children.


Coillure – a definite must even if it is just for an afternoon stroll, poke around the shops and a coffee and ice cream on the waterfront.  The beach is stony and not great for swimming and the restaurants are very much aimed at the tourist and Jon and I have always come away disappointed and slightly ripped off!  But beautiful.


Villefranche de la Conflent – fantastic medieval walled town – Unesco site.


Castlenou – Lovely medieval village perched on a hill with cute shops and a couple of restaurants.  Wander around and if you have small kids they will think it is Barbie Rapunzel’s castle!


San Marti – see Events – Ruins of Empordia, loads of lovely restaurants ranging in price, a lovely walkway and 4 different beaches to choose from.  This is the perfect day out.


Canet/St Cyprien – the beach area located between these two coastal towns is fantastic for swimming and building sand castles, watching kite flying and kite surfing.

Port Vendres – loads of restaurants – and fishing boats – fish market on Sunday.


Banyuls Sur Mer – lots of lovely restaurants on the coast – very pretty.  Restaurant de la Plage gets our vote and the St Sebastian wine restaurants gets major thumbs down especially as the chips were still raw!


Ille Sur Tech – bizarre little town with a cathedral and some interesting architecture.


Tautravel – if you are into looking at bits of stone and bone then this is a great day out – Frances first cave man was found here and the museum is very interesting with the cave recreated for you to look at.


Carcasonne – a bit of a drive but great in the ‘off’ season – castle is impressive – lots of tourist shops unfortunately but worth it.  I wouldn’t recommend this at the height of the tourist season as it will be a nightmare unless you get the train from Elne and are prepared to walk.


Elne, St Genis Fontaine, St Michael de Crusix - Cloisters   – there are a few around.


Thuir - Caves Byrrh - the biggest wine barrel in the world


Markets - a list is available in the gite but Saturday Thuir and Ceret markets are lovely

Tree climbing and white water rafting – from ages 2 up – something for everyone – fantastic for family – take a picnic/bbq. .

Llupia - Horseriding

Trouillas - Horseriding

Thuir market on Saturday morning – the buzz of Thuir market is that of a real small french town market. 

Ceret also has a market on a Saturday which is more tourist orientated and just as enjoyable as you wander through the market at a leisurely pace.  Ceret also has an Art museum. 

Lots of nice restaurants - a list is in the gite and reservations can be made on your behalf when you arrive.

Font Romeu & Les Angles - great skiing