Our lovely village

Our village is perhaps a bit more lively than most with old mans corner occupied by the usual crowd of very friendly old boys!  That is when they are taking a much needed long rest from their allotments across the road from the Domaine.


Market day is on a Tuesday morning - consists of a vegetable/fruit stand and some clothing stands and sometimes a butcher.


Our village has the following:

  • Boulangerie – the friendliest and the best bread around (closed Monday)

  • Pizzeria

  • Cafe/Bar/Restaurant

  • Tabac (magazine shop – great for practicing your French!)

  • Epicerie – selling Bread everyday as well

  • Pharmacy

  • Two doctors

  • Two hairdressers

  • Post office

  • Schools up to age 11

  • Stade/Boule court/tennis courts/football pitch

  • A beautiful church 

Trouillas Boulangerie
Trouillas Boulangerie

Boulanger, La Câline, Trouillas

cycling through Trouillas
cycling through Trouillas

Cycling in the PO

Church entrance
Church entrance

Entrance to the church

Trouillas Boulangerie
Trouillas Boulangerie

Boulanger, La Câline, Trouillas


Llupia is 5 mins drive- It has a fantastic butcher/baker and fruit and vegie shop + pharmacy with easy car parking and two supermarkets Lidl and Champion.


Thuir is 10mins away– a busy town with lovely little designer shops, butchers, fish mongers, bakers, doctors, dentist, pharmacies, bars, lots of restaurants, banks, post office, public swimming pool etc


Supermarkets stay open until 7pm and lunchtimes.

NOTE other shops will close from 12-2 or 12-4


The Village of Trouillas is believed to be the birthplace of fortified wine. In the 14th Century, Arno de Villanova, physician to the king of Majorca in Perpignan, discovered that adding alcohol to fermenting wine killed the yeast and preserved the natural sugar. This is the principle behind Rivesaltes, Banyuls and Maury and then Sherry, Port and Madeira.


On 22 Sept 1793, The Spanish defeated the French Revolutionary Army at the Battle of Trouillas. The French Artillery batteries were positioned on the hill of Le Roubau, where our vines now grow.


In 1949 the Trouillas village council declared the commune as World Territory without any nationality. The move to secede from France never happened. Read the article.


Vines have been grown in the Roussillon since the 6th or 7th century BC. Vineyards have been worked by the Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Cathars, Templars and Catalans. 100 generations of vignerons can't be wrong!


Our vineyards were owned, from the 12th to 14th centuries, by the Knights Templar, based at the nearby Commanderie of Mas Deu.